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Declaration of the
Living Man or Woman:

To obtain your own Declaration please fill out the form below.
Until we have the payments software in place we ask that you give some Koha to the account given below.
We are only aiming to cover printing and postage and $30.00 should be sufficient to cover that.
Anything over that amount would be appreciated.

Living Man / Living Woman Declaration - Rev-1

Obtaining a Declaration:

The image above is an unsigned sample of the Declaration you will be sent by mail once filled out.

To issue a Declaration you will need to:

1. Fill out the form below.
2. Email a copy of your passport or photo ID, drivers licence, student pass etc. as PDF or JPG images.
3. Email a copy of your birth certificate.
4. Email the name and suburb and city or general locality of residence of the two witnesses who will confirm that they have sighted your photo ID and birth certificate and are satisfied that the person making the Declaration is the same person named in the ID and Certificate.
5. Until we have an online payments process we ask you to deposit $30 (and any donation you may decide to give) to:
ANZ Account Name: Knox Trust Account
Account number:        06-0209-0786833-00
Email address:

On Receipt of the Declaration:

The Declarations are printed out on high quality paper.
Two copies will be sent to you, so that in the event of a mistake you have a backup.
You will need to:
1. Write your autograph above the Common Law Court logo
2. Using a little red ink or a red felt tip pen colour your right thumb if right handed, or left if left handed, and place a thumb print that goes over part of your autograph, but leaves the autograph readable.
3. Have your two witnesses initial above their names.
4. Scan an image of the completed Certificate and email it back to us to be held as a permanent record.


    Please prove you are human.

    Completing the Form

    This is the full name exactly as recorded on your Birth Certificate. On that document it is usually in all Capitals.

    Your Common Law name is usually the first name on your Birth Certificate, however, you may use your preferred name but if you give a name other than the first name of the Birth Certificate you must use this name for the rest of your lives.

    This is the Family or Association name. On the Declaration it will be ” ‘Name’ of the family ‘Family’ “.  If a married woman this will be your married surname name.
    If an association, normally your occupation, then it could be ” ‘Name’ the ‘Occupation’ ” (e.g. Bill the Blacksmith)

    Date of Birth as stated on the Birth Certificate.

    The place where the actual birth took place, that could be a Hospital, a House, or any place where the birth took place.

    The locality of the place where the birthing was, City, Town or Locality name.

    Your gender.

    If you were Baptised into the Christian faith as a baby, state the place/Church where this was carried out. The Church will normally keep a record of the Birth and Baptism.

    The locality of the place where the baptism was performed, City, Town or Locality name.


    The date the Certificate of Birth (the Legal Fiction) was registered and issued.


    The government authority on the Birth Certificate.

     The unique number on the Birth Certificate

      Your email for correspondence.

     Best contact number in case there are questions, however, contact by email will be tried first.